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The Visibility Explosion


Ignite Your Visibility,

Transform Your Business

Step out of the shadows and into the spotlight with

the Visibility Explosion Method.

Raise Your Hand If This is You!?

You're feeling lost and frustrated in your business and you don't know what your next step should be

You're fed up with feeling invisible and overlooked, wanting clients who see your true value and can't resist working with you

You're longing to break free from the vicious cycle of constantly proving yourself

You're dreaming of a business where clients are drawn to you magnetically

You're frustrated by watching your competitors thrive while you struggle to capture the attention and trust of your ideal clients

You want to break free from the social media engagement drought and create a thriving online presence

You feel like you're throwing spaghetti on a wall and they (your marketing efforts) never stick

You know you have so much to offer, but you can't seem to find a way to show it to the world

Your energy is starting to drain and you might even be thinking:

"why do I feel this way"

You're bursting with passion,

overflowing with ideas,

and driven to succeed...

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...But despite your best efforts, your dream clients remain hidden, it's a frustrating sight to see others crushing it while you feel stuck, yet your inner voice shouts:

"I can do this too!"

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but then... your limiting beliefs and your old friend

“imposter syndrome” kicks in and you're back to

believing that maybe you’re not cut out for this.​

If any of this resonates with you,

then you're not alone.


Countless entrepreneurs like you have

faced these struggles

and questioned their visibility.

But there is a solution, a path that can lead you out of the shadows and into the spotlight.




The ultimate solution to skyrocketing your visibility and propelling your business to new heights.

This program is NOT YOUR AVERAGE

personal branding course.

👉 We don't just focus on surface-level tactics like posing for the camera or creating a pretty Instagram feed. Instead, we dive deep into the mindset, strategy, and skills you need to become a magnetic and influential presence in your industry.

By the end of the program, you'll have a clear action plan to increase your impact on the world, be confident enough to take actionable steps, and be seen by the people you want to help.

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Don't let your business remain invisible any longer - explode your visibility and become

the unstoppable CEO you were meant to be with:

The Visibility Explosion MethoD

Join Us And Unlock The Secrets To Igniting Your Visibility, Attracting Dream Clients, And Confidently Stepping Into The Spotlight.

Hear it from clients

Sarah-Jane Allum

Brand Strategist

"You. You are fantastic and your knowledge and experience shines through.

I love that the advice is practical, broken down into bite-size pieces for us beginners, and that you show ways without having to spend money. I would recommend you to anyone."

Julie Heymans

Window Displays

Without you I wouldn’t even have a business right now.

I’m never gonna let you go! You’re stuck with me. 😜”

Laura Budroni

Gift Creator

"OMG, I was struggling with feeling confident & showing up powerfully but with authenticity online. Jessie, you saw the beauty and power in me that sometimes I don't see or forget about.

don’t take my word for it

This is what they 👇 say...

THE visibility explosion method

will help you


Command attention in the online world and make your presence impossible to ignore!


Attract your dream clients who can't wait to work with you, leaving your competition

in the dust.


Crush self-doubt and imposter syndrome, unleashing your true potential & confidence.


Develop a crystal-clear action plan to achieve your business goals with ease.


Master the art of creating captivating videos that leave your audience begging for more.


Craft an irresistible personal brand that magnetically draws your clients to you.


Gain insider insights from industry experts who will reveal the secrets to their success.


Position your business into a personal brand and say goodbye to feeling like a small fish in a big pond.


Skyrocket your visibility and achieve breakthrough results.

Course Content

"The Visibility Explosion Method"




Master Your Mindset for Business Success and Get Ready To Transform Your Mindset And Step Into Your Power.



Attract Your Dream Clients Like a Pro, Discover Your Tribe And Create Irresistible Engagement.



Dominate the Online Marketing Game and Unleash The Power Tactics And Strategies To Crush It In The Online Space.



Unleash Your Stylish Charisma And Develop A Magnetic & Stylish Presence That Draws In Your Ideal Customers.




Make Your Brand Shine Bright By Crafting Professional Brand Images That Leave A Lasting Impression.



Break Free from the Shadows And Become a Confident Video Creator And Unleash Your Message To The world.

Align Your Actions for Maximum Impact And Bring It All Together With A Seamless Plan To Amplify Your Influence.





Learn From Industry Titans And

Gain Inspiration And Insights From Industry-Leading Guest Experts.



Monthly New

Expert Traings

The Visibility Explosion Method


First here are some random things about me:

🍫 I’m from the legendary chocolate hub, Belgium

😱 Once upon a time, I was a choreographer & danced on stages in front of 20.000 people, I owned a modeling agency and was a stylist to many

🐰 I’m called the Duracell Bunny (no, no, not for what you think, you dirty mind)

🤭 I have a loud ass laugh

🍟 Favorite food: my mom's fresh fries and beef stew are the holy grail of comfort food

✌️ I have two frikking amazing kids & a partner in crime (our job: annoying & embarrassing our kids)

As for what I'm about business-wise:

I went from social housing and feeling UGLY to coaching models for Fashion Week who went on to be some of the top models in the world, but I also styled for magazines, brands and celebrities.

And now, I'm in the business of transforming amazing people into magnetic forces that their dream clients just can't resist.

I'm like a fairy godmother, but instead of turning a pumpkin into a carriage,

I turn your personality into a brand.

I use the base of my coaching system The ATTRACT GROW SHINE Method my secret sauce for success
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This system is designed to help you build

a cohesive brand and business that is easily recognizable

and resonates with your target audience.

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Represents visibility and is all about

getting your brand seen by the right people.

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Represents your marketing and is focused on growing your brand by reaching new audiences, building credibility, and expanding your offerings.

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Represents confidence and is centered on building your personal brand and enhancing your unique strengths.

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By focusing on these 3 essential buckets,

we create a strong brand message,

develop your personal style, and

build a mindset of consistency and clarity.

The Visibility Explosion Method


When do I have access to the Program?

Your course will immediately be fully available for you from the moment of your purchase. From there, you’ll have unlimited access to all course content and have lifetime access to it. For everything else, you will receive an email with all the details after your purchase. 😃

Who is this for?

For ALL passionate entrepreneurs and business owners who are tired of feeling invisible in the online world. Whether you're a coach, consultant, creative professional, brand owner, shop owner or just starting out...

Can I do private coaching instead?

Private coaching is certainly an option, however, my 1:1 coaching package

starts at a higher price point.

I have more questions! How can I

get in touch?

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Or Have a question...

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to the next level.

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